Created Differently - Brenda Sword


The adorable, head scratching planters that will be sure to make people take a second glance.

Exterior or interior Panters made from real jeans, boots or shoes. Sitting models are stiffened and protected with a weather proof coating. Standing models are au naturel with cemented footwear to help prevent tipping.

Not just for plants! Use in your bathroom to hold towels or toilet tissue, in your child’s’ playroom to hold those little treasures, and hey why not out on the deck keeping your favorite beverage cold!  Also a great way to utilize your own child’s boots and jeans – contact me for details.

Panters range in a variety of sizes, all different kinds of pants and foot ware. Available in hard coated (almost like a glossy plastic).

Add this noteworthy head turner to your garden today!

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