Created Differently - Brenda Sword


My inspiration to craft came to me from my Aunt Dorie, this lady used to save roller balls from deodorant sticks because she “might be able to make something from them”.

However I didn’t really realize the talent I had until I had children. Needing to entertain them on a daily basis, we had craft times in which I found out I could draw more things than stick people!

One summer my good friend Joanne asked if I could make an ashtray which she had seen. She described to me what it was like and Cover Your Butts were born. Joanne with her amazing salesmanship ended up with over 30 ashtrays being created that year, thank you Jo! So now that I knew how to paint and that I had a good colour sense I believed in my creative abilities.

Moving to the Okanagan Valley in BC seven years ago and not being able to find full time work, I have had to recreate myself and thus Created Differently was born. The weekly farmers markets and craft shows have opened a new world for me and I am loving it!

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